Request to List IPE Events on TIPEC Website

Please fill out this form to list your IPE event on the TIPEC website. To be considered for listing, an event must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide students from two or more professions the opportunity to learn about, from, and with each other in real time.
  2. Be available to learners from two or more institutions.
  3. Fall into one of the following categories:
    1. Institution-Based Interprofessional Learning: Institution-based based interprofessional learning occurs when students learn about, from, and with other students in a structured environment. Examples of activities in this category may include symposiums, seminars, simulations, and courses dedicated to IPE. Academic credit may be awarded for some institution-based interprofessional learning activities
    2. Research and Scholarship: Research and scholarship includes original research that advances knowledge as well as other forms of scholarship such as integration across disciplines, application, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Examples of research and scholarship events that may be listed here include professional conferences or workshops devoted to the dissemination of knowledge about interprofessional collaboration.
    3. Service Learning: Service learning is where students learn from addressing and reflecting on real-life problems in their community. Examples of these activities may include interprofessional projects or experiential rotations. Service learning may be clinical or non-clinical in nature and is usually organized by academic institutions. Academic credit may be awarded for some service learning projects.
    4. Community Service and Volunteering: Community service includes events where students gather to learn about, from, and with each other in order to serve the community. Community or volunteer service may be organized by a number of entities including student, academic, non-profit, or government organizations. Examples of these activities may include health fairs, disease screenings, and immunization events. Since community service is such a broad category, events listed here should involve individuals from at least two professions and be focused on the promotion of health, treatment of disease, or address social determinants of health.
  4. Last a minimum of one clock hour.
  5. Student registration fees, if any, should be nominal.
Request to List IPE Activity on TIPEC Website
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