Population Health

Group Projects is a TIPEC Working Group that is charged with three main goals:

  1. Generate a comprehensive list of institutions/entities that are currently sponsoring or supporting group projects across the state.  
  2. Identify community agencies or organizations in each area of the state that could serve as partners for interprofessional group projects. 
  3. Compile a toolkit of helpful resources for those academic medical centers that would like to develop their own interprofessional group project partnerships.  

To date we have accomplished the first goal by building on an original list, and we will continue to update that list as we learn of new projects. We have made headway on the second goal by identifying multiple community partners across the state, and we will continue to build that list as well. At our June, 2019 meeting, we will brainstorm about what the toolkit should include.

Our aim for year two is to develop a resource toolkit that includes a user-friendly comprehensive repository of group projects and community partners, best practices, interdisciplinary research and other resources.

Group meets at varying times.  If you’re already a member and interested in joining this working group, please email us at info@tipec.org. 

If you’re not already a member, please complete our membership form here.