Classroom-Based Instruction

The working group on classroom-based instruction is gathering IPE learning activities being implemented across the state and creating a core curriculum on interprofessional education and practice that can be utilized by any professional school state-wide. The group has identified core elements of IPE instruction and used these to develop a framework for a curriculum that that can be used for professional students across different levels of training. We are currently compiling sample IPE activities from contributors across the state for inclusion in a customizable IPE curriculum. Our next steps will focus on: (1) expanding individual IPE activities to include a comprehensive set of associated resources (recommended reading lists, instructions to students, assessment details and rubrics, suggested films/podcasts or other media); and (2) developing sustainable models for staffing large classroom-based IPE sessions.

The Classroom-Based Instructional Group has compiled A Customizable Curriculum Design for Interprofessional Education in Health Professions