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Tennessee Interprofessional Practice and Education Consortium

The Tennessee Interprofessional Practice and Education Consortium’s mission is to facilitate interprofessional, team-based approach to health among the state’s health and health profession educators, studentsprofessionals/practitioners and agencies.

TIPEC Conference July 31, 2020 at Lipscomb University

Poster and Presentation Proposal Submission Information

Please us the form below to submit all proposals.


  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 27th, 2020
  • PROPOSAL NOTIFICATION: Presenters will be notified of abstract status by May 8th.
    • Abstract submitters must be TIPEC members. Members are strongly encouraged to collaborate with other faculty, staff, and/or students within their own department, in other departments, and across institutions. Collaborating partners do not have to be TIPEC members, just the person submitting.
    • Presenters must register for and attend the July 31, 2020 TIPEC conference


  • TYPE OF PROPOSAL: Indicate whether you are submitting for an oral presentation without the option to present as a poster (if not accepted for oral presentation), oral presentation with option to present as a poster, or poster
    • Poster dimensions will be provided upon notification of proposal status
  • ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Indicate whether you are submitting for a 20-minute or 45-minute presentation – or if you are open to either .
  • PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION: Indicate your professional affiliation and the professional affiliation of all coauthors
  • PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINE: Indicate your professional discipline and the professional disciplines of all coauthors
  • CONFERENCE THEME: Indicate, within the wording of the proposal, how your proposal aligns with the conference theme, Innovations in Fostering a Culture of Interprofessional Education
  • STRUCTURE: Proposals should be structured. Structure can be determined by authors, based on the type of proposal. Sample structures are provided below, though actual submission headings can differ from the samples .
  • REFERENCES: Inclusion of references are optional and do not count toward the word limit
  • SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Submissions should be in either a Word or PDF document. Images and figures should not be included.


  • RESEARCH PROPOSALS: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions/Implications
  • EDUCATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION PROPOSALS: Background, Teaching strategy, Conclusions/Implications
  • PRACTICE IMPLEMENTATION PROPOSALS: Background, Practice strategy, Conclusions/Implications
  • OTHER CONCEPTUAL AND THEORETICAL PROPOSALS: Background, conceptual or theoretical framework, application to Interprofessional Education or Practice, Conclusions/Implications

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